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Bleed nipple has no travel?

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  • Bleed nipple has no travel?

    Hi guy's,

    Went to install my braided brake lines today (05 CBR600RR) and when i cracked my bleeder nipple 1/4 turn from tight, i noticed the whole nipple was able to move from side to side in the threaded caliper hole.. if that makes sence. It feels like it's at the end of it's thread and about to fall out. When i squeeze the brake lever fluid does spill out from around the base of the nipple.

    I have tightened it up again and it only went back the 1/4 i let it off. And it's tight, anymore and she would snap i bet. Any idea's guy's this has got me worried

    Thanks for your time

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    Can you bleed the brakes correctly opening the nipple a fraction of what you did the first time?


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      sounds pretty normal, How many turns to remove the nipple, it should be about 4-6. You will notice on the end of the nipple is a taper which is the seal.
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        I've just cleaned it up a bit and waiting for it to dry in the sun. Will check to see how far i can open it until it starts bleeding at the bottom again. If it can be opened a fraction and fluid still comes out the top but not the problem will that do? the air can still escape?

        Cheers for the help


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          I havnt actually removed the nipple i was too afraid to go past the 1/4 turn. On the car's i've bled it never happened like this so i thought something may be wrong. Should i remove the bleed nipple and check how many turns it takes?


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            Nothing wrong with removing the bleed nipple, just don't squeeze the lever while it's out, unless you're prepared for a mess...

            Wrap the threaded section in a couple of turns of plumbers' tape to help it seal. But, don't go so far down as to clog up the sealing surface and fluid hole.
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              can't hurt. they are not a fine thread and they do seal on the taper. If you use a vacuum pump to bleed brakes then theydraw air past the tread to the bottom hole of the bleed nipple. Don't strip it when putting it back in thinking you have to flog it up like no tomorrow.

              EDIT: do not use thread tape.
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                Ok will take it out and have a squizz. I'll install the lines anyway and if i have trouble bleeding it, i'll be back!

                Thanks for the help guy's!


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                  Nah, that is pretty normal that they get a bit loose....and do not use thread tape!!! Or any other sealant for that matter, ie Loctite....
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                    OK thread tape is bad then.
                    Just something I read (on the net) somewhere, never used it myself.
                    Sorry for giving untested advice...
                    "No machine has a soul until a man shares his own with it."