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  • Product Review V2 Visor Sponge

    Hi All,

    Just thought I'd give my 2c on this Visor Sponge avialable from Peter's Safety Solutions - Info - V2 Sponge

    This is a fancy sponge that only requires to be moist to remove bugs from your visor. Now normally I dont put much faith in fancy materials like foams and microfibres etc. But the difference between using the sponge and a rag is quite remarkable.

    Unfortunately the photo's of my visor didn't turn out because aparently you cant photograph a iridium visor in the sun ) But I also tested on part of the front fairing.

    On the left side is the part that I did with the sponge (took about 4 wipes with the sponge). The right hand side is untouched. These bugs had been baking on the fairing for 3 weeks because I am slack at washing and came off with ease.

    With the sponge you get a bag for the sponge to keep it moist, 2 little fabric wipes to dry the visor and another little bag to keep it all in. It all ends up being the size of a cigarette packet so can fit anywhere.

    Definately a product I would reccomend and wont scratch any visors.

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    I have been using the V2 sponges since august and the results have been great.
    Highly recommended.
    Great to have on those country runs.
    Riding - Living the dream...