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TLC for my RGV?

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  • TLC for my RGV?

    Now that its parked next to a new bike I realize how tired looking my RGV is and due for some lovin... but where do I start? I'm not thinking of bling, more along the lines getting on top of all the things two strokes need to stay healthy... Thoughts?

    History >> I bought it late 06, the last owner said it had a top end rebuild @ 40,000k.. new pistons & rings (now @ 49500k). Since I've had it Lloyd Chapmans had done >> New clutch, new fork seals and power valve work (remove, clean, inspect, replace all control cables, setup @ 46800k). I have done a few box oil changes (motul) and feed it premium fuel and motul engine oil.

    Cosmetic and other stuff done >> Painted the mismatched fairings (tank will get done soon), arrow indicators, bar end mirrors, new screen, new kick start lever, new linkages between pedal & gearbox, new clutch cable, clean up & paint rusted parts (on going)

    A few things I think it needs.

    Chain.. According to my copy of the service manual its at replacement length.. Should I replace the sprockets as well? Go genuine?, FleaBay?, Tuning works UK?, Other?

    Tires.. Do you keep riding till you hit the wear marker or replace just before? I’ve got a newbie trackday (my first) in Feb, I was thinking getting new one before it.. Pilot Powers? … Currently (F) Dunlop Rideen (R) Pirelli SuperCorsa

    Brakes.. I have a set of HEL lines to install, thinking of also replacing the reservoirs front and rear as they look pretty skanky, just need to get off my ass to do this.

    Oil leak?.. If I go out, do ~150km and park it over night it will drip a 5c size oil puddle, from what I can tell its not coming from the box so it’s getting pushed out somewhere when running… Need some help here, could be simple but guessing anything but cheap if I take it to a mechanic.

    Tuning?.. Nothing has been done “tune” wise since I’ve had it, once its warm it pulls hard to the redline no probs… Its something I’d like to learn but where to start?

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    constant checks and adjustments plus replacing parts on time is what it is all about with these kinda machines.
    tyres = any doubt = replacea and check for absolute correct preasure every time you want to ride it! together with all fluid levels and a "spannercheck"
    follow this and mechanicaly wise you can survive these machines!
    They DEMAND respect!


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      That looks mighty clean.
      Go over the thing as bert said, things vibrate loose pretty quick unless loctited, also clean, check and adjust powervalves. If you want to freshen the motor up a bit then do the rings. You're about due @ 10,000 past the the last top end rebuild. If the piston weren't replaced at 40K, then do those too.
      Chain and sprockets should all ideally be changed at the same time so the all get the same wear pattern and don't wear unevenly.
      Definitely do the brake lines, and see if you can get hold of a late model GSXR radial master cylinder, you can also fit late model calipers as a direct bolt on.
      It's leaking oil, is it black and burnt? It's probably coming out of your powervalve covers, you'll be taking them off anyway, so see if you can get any "kit" covers, or get a nipple placed on yours and feed it into a catch can.
      As for tuning, their are a few mods you can do, like o-ringed heads and different base gaskets, is a great article, but make sure you read it well, tuning 2 strokes can ruin them if done carelessly.


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        Ceramic coat the pipes, but prior to this decoke them especially the stingers & repack them, change air filter, balance carbs.

        With the brakes I'd do a full strip, clean & rebuild; it's amazing wot builds up even when the fluid is replaced regular like. Check brake pads.

        Get the suspension checked out & setup for you specifically (weight, height, reach, etc). Check, adjust & lube the steering head & swingarm bearings.

        Re torque every bolt.
        .. and thats Racer # 193 to y'all; my fabulous sponsors (who all do good shit) are: Graeme Fleming IT Consultants, Vision Image, Pacific Safety Wear, Excess Power Equipment, Pro Photo Booth

        .. and according to Sean'o: 'get the Kwaka (never thought i would say that!)'


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          ceramic coating can only be done on new pipes or ones that have been in a acid/grease removing Gunk removing bath I have been told.


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            I just got back from the Toyrun and the RZ was running sheit at the end, to much low speed.
            Checked each exhaust pipe tip with finger for different exhaust temprature to find the fouled plug, replaced it and she running sweet again!
            These 2 strokes are in a way very easy if you know where,what and how.


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              Cleaning the pipes was something I forgot to list.. From what I've read mixing up some caustic, plug one end and fill and leave them over night sounds the go to get the muck out.. better results than heating them so I read. I was thinking to follow up with some bead blasting to clean up the outside and a couple of coats of hi temp paint. The Roo cans would need repacking as well I guess.

              Suspension is another thing .. It feels soft but I dont know how it should feel. New fork springs maybe? .. yeah I'm just guessing here.

              Hopefully if Desmo's 2 stroke get together/BBQ happens I can get some opinions and other RGV's to compare things to and get me started


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                There is an RGV at jims that can be used as an example of what it should not be doing, like pissing fork oil all over the front rotors making braking all the more interesting.

                Its a very very tidy looking bike you have there mate!
                I love two strokes. Because they annoy the shit out of people. ^_^


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                  Originally posted by Stratos View Post
                  There is an RGV at jims that can be used as an example of what it should not be doing, like pissing fork oil all over the front rotors making braking all the more interesting.
                  .. Mine had the fork seals done about a month ago, one side started to leak.

                  Originally posted by Stratos View Post
                  Its a very very tidy looking bike you have there mate!
                  She looks more scruffy in the flesh, been out in the weather before I got her by the looks.. Anything steel I haven't got to has a bit of surface rust, cracks in the fairing around the bolts, faded plastic bits etc...

                  How's this for an inviting "for sale" pic from the last owner. The spiders were evicted but there is still a bit of web attached to the tacho needle.. God know how they got in there?