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'84 Kx250

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  • '84 Kx250

    Hi guys,

    A mate at work has asked me to see if anyone knows anything about these bikes? He has one that until recently, ran superbly. Then there was lots of oil and smoke

    Apparently these are a twin with twin cranks? Anyhow, seems no-one (including dealers) want to help. He's happy to 'have a crack' himself but only if he can get some guidance.



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    A KX250 is a dirt bike. Is this thing a dirt bike or a road bike?

    He doesnt mean KR1 or KR250 does he?


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      Kx 250 is a single, motocross bike, if its a twin, as scoundrel said, possibly a KR1s although i think an 84 would be a KR250. If its suddenly started blowing heaps of blue smoke and running like a bag of shit, check the gearbox oil level, if its going down it has more than likely done a crank shaft seal, which sucks gearbox oil into the crank and tries to burn it with the fuel mix, make em smoke something shocking and as there is to much oil, not enough fuel they run like shit and foul plugs. Some bikes you can take a side cover off and maybe the clutch or alternator and remove crank seals and replace without splitting the engine, being a kawasaki they have more than likely done it the hard way and will have to split the engine


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        Its cactus. totally dead, cant ever be fixed. Tell you what, I will come round tonight and pick it up with a trailer for you. That way you dont have to pay tip fees cause
        I have a free pass to the tip.
        The Twitter


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          Hmmm, maybe it's a KR250!? Will ask him. Anyone know anyone that can / will work on it? (assuming it's a KR?)