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Grossly uneven tyre wear

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  • Grossly uneven tyre wear

    When cleaning my bike after a long country run today, I notice that my front tyre has worn GROSSLY unevenly. Like so much that if you look at the profile of the tyre one half is hemispherical and the other is pretty much flat. One side (just off centre) has almost full tread depth and the other has almost no tread depth.

    I greatly suspect that this has something to do with my bike being winched agonizingly up the RAC tow trailer with the steering still locked (some fcukwit trashed the steering lock) .

    Are my forks bent or is the steering out or what ? Does it sound expensive to fix ?

    Aargh ! Looks like I'm losing the bike for MORE freakin' time . Where are those antidepressants ...

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    do you take corners on one side a lot harder than corners on the other side? or perhaps your long country run had mostly one sided corners and you really gave your tyres a workout....although i think it would have to be a pretty long country ride (or race... lol) to have the effect you describe.
    just a thought
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      like what? a 24 hour endurance Nascar track???

      Not gonna be from riding wear without bent forks. :cry:
      Draging it along sideways with the steering lock on sounds a very likely candidate.

      I'm suprised you dont have to counter steer or lean to go straight though... :?:


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        Or could it just be a problem with the tyre :?:
        one of guys chatting to recently was talking bout a tyre he was running that wore unevenly - something about three different "beads"? within the tyre, with only one wearing down...
        *shrug - didn't quite understand myself* maybe someone else will :?
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          heard something on the GP about multi compound tyres. the side that sees less corners with a softer compound so that those corners can be taken harder, but still wear at te same rate or something
          maybe they accidentally stuck some of them on your bike. lol

          if the forks were bent, wouldn't there be a pretty high chance of them not compressing properly?
          No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.