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Fuel Tank Cleaning - How or Where?

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  • Fuel Tank Cleaning - How or Where?

    Erm before i start, this is my third questioning thread this week! Dont ban meeeeeeee:tomato:

    Just picked up the fuel tank from the painter. I can hear sand and stuff inside when I shake it. Also it appears there is some rust inside the tank.

    How do I go about cleaning it out safely, without damaging the new paint or other components on the bike?

    Or should I get someone to do it professionally and if so, where's a good place to have a word to?

    Once again, cheers

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    fill it and drain it several times, with the filler and tap off
    If cleanliness is next to godliness, why was jesus a dirty sandal-wearing beardo?


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      tried that, the sand is still there. and it didnt remove the rust either (im talking about the brownie dust thingo when it dries out)


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        lol, brownie dust
        i think theres some stuff you can get to line your tank, no idea what its called though, and i think its pretty pricy
        If cleanliness is next to godliness, why was jesus a dirty sandal-wearing beardo?


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          there hasnt been anyone attempting to lay a brick in my fuel tank.

          not to my knowledge anyway

          isnt there some chemical to chuck into the tank and rinse out?


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            KREEM and POR-40 (or something).

            Removes rust and re-lines your tank.
            Ain't cheap though.


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              Take the petcock off and turn it upside down and blow air up the filler hole with a compressor and attachment.

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                Some things i have tried sound a bit dodgy but have worked, i deal mostly with old tanks that have been sitting for years. If you have time, fill the tank half with radiator inhibutor and a small bucket of clean sand, colse it up and leave it in the back of you car for a week of rock and roll, I always thought though to wrap it up in a big blanket and stuff it into a cement mixer and give it a good hour or so. then for the clean up just wash it out with water, use loads of water till it has no sand left then shake some oil a petrol around to clear out the water. Sounds rough i know but has worked for me. Put a little inline filter on till you have cleared a couple of tanks of juice. You can get a sealant pack from steves in midland for $80 but it makes the inside of you tank look like shit.
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                  i have had similar problems b4 with a gpx tank, used a compressor and lot of bouncing the tank around to loosen up the crap in the tank, drained it a couple of times and the used a trusty old vacume cleaner with a bit of garden hose taped on to suck out the rest of the shit, worked a treat

                  ps make sure the tank has no petrol in it before you vacume and give it a could blow out first (petrol vapour and electric motor probably not a good mix)


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                    POR-15. If you know someone in the auto game you can get it pretty cheap. It has a degreaser, a rust converter and last a paint to prevent the same from happening again.

                    1 kit for a bike retails around $80. The car kit which is much larger goes for a little more.