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Oil level and cracks in the chrome on engine

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  • Oil level and cracks in the chrome on engine

    Im hoping that someone can alleviate any worry that I may have. I have honda vtr250 with about 1500km on the clock. I was checking the oil level which was correct at time of filling (dealer service) and it was correct. I warmed the engine up and let it sit few mins and read the oil level. It appears slightly over. Is it normal for oil to thin out over the km and hence read over at a later time.
    The second question is that there appears to be cracks in the chrome (I think its just plated), It is only in one section of the engine casing, does anyone else experience this, sounds a bit early to me something like this to be occurring.
    Any comments appreciated

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    i dont have experience with that sort of thing .. but if its only got 1500 km on it .. and ur not happy or its breaking .. take the bastard back and get them to fix it ... most places will help u out if ur nice about it
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