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2MA TZR250 help please!

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  • 2MA TZR250 help please!

    I have a TZR250, not the totally awesome 3ma like Speed3's, but the first one, the 2ma.

    It has a big hole in the expansion chamber, the question is, will the RZ250 pipes I stole from Desmogod be appropriate, or can I source some aftermarket jobbies?

    If so, where?!

    I know PSB people are pretty clever with this gear, so Sathid, Jamathi etc, im needing your input please!
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    They used to make a jolly moto exhaust for them in the uk i will see if i can track the details down, im not sure i the rz ones will fit but two wheel wreckers did have allot of parts for the teazer when i was there last.

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      I will do everything possible to avoid going to Two Wheel Wankers. But cheers for the advice.
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        Thought that would may be the case


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          I would be surprised if they were a good match. The port timings between the rz and the tzr engines are quite different.

          Not to say it wont work at all, just that it probably wont be as good a match as the stock pipes. They may also not fit up to the bike very well (but thats easy to check

          That said, there are occasions when pipes from one bike suit quite well (IIRC rg250 pipes go well on an rz with a little modification for fitting).

          Is there any chance of the hole being repaired?

          It seems people use 2MA pipes on rz's and the older LC's with some success, so you may find they fit up ok, and work ok, but just not as well as the originals.

          Check your jetting if you make the change.

          I'd be trying to repair (or replicate) the originals.
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            Tzr250 1KT/2MA kit pipes by the sound of it
            Yamaha TZ250 TZR250 TZ TZR 250 1KT 2MA YEC GYT - eBay, Overige accessoires, Motoronderdelen en -access., Auto's, motoren en boten. (end time 17-Dec-07 08:22:30 AEDST)

            Although i don't really know what I'm looking at when it comes to Yamaha kit spec stuff so you might have to get someone who is in the know to take a look at the pics
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              Oh those are as soooo rare! they came part of the FIII kit with carbs etc I have the manual for it resist if you want.


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                yeah these days all kit parts for the old two strokes are classified as unobtainium so unfortunately they are worth whatever people are willing to pay, but those ones seem to be going pretty cheap compared to what I've seen other kit spec pipes go for.
                Cant keep my eyes from the circling skys,Tongue tied & twisted just an earthbound misfit I.


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                  what are the pipes you got off desmo ?? are they the early cigars( all in one) or the later (86 on) f2s, expansion pipe with seperate end can and is your tzr a parallel twin or a v twin....anyway the f2 pipes would be the best as they were a good shape ..just too heavy...mike


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                    Resist do you need them repaired?
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                      If possible do an overlay of the rev range/powerband of the two bikes and this will tell you clearly if they can be used efectively.
                      after that the jetting should be adjusted to the scavenging effect of the actual pipe to stop running lean.