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  • Flush Mount Indicators

    OK, I like the look of putting flush mount indicators on my R1 but a little concerned with driver visability, especially from front view. Any thoughts?
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    You're expecting them to be looking in the first place...


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      i agree, i have been pondering flushmounts and i have a pair at home but i haven't fitted them due to poor visibility. I run arrowhead led's on the R1 on the front and similar bulb type on the rear. that way i don't need a large resistor to make them blink properly.

      If you run LED's on both front and rear you nered the resistor.
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        You can't see shit. And you can get yellow stickered for them.

        They look cool tho.


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          Had (virtually) flush mount indicators (Graves Motorsport) on the former R1 and yeah, look kinda cool but visibility isn't the same as when they're sticking out. Pretty much what has been said.


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            Cheers Guys, just as I thought. I don't expect anyone to be looking out for me!
            Looks like LEDS are the go. Arrow mounts look do look good ARWON.
            Is hooking the resistor up much of a deal to run front and rear? I havent looked to see if this comes with most kits ive seen?
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              Bro RILUSI stock flush mount and resistors, easy to install got them on my R1........................



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                Cheers BIGFELLA,
                Have a thread BETTER THAN FLUSHMOUNT?
                What you think?
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                  ive got a set on my R6 and theyre only noticeable from the front at nite when theres a glow

                  still look sweet tho