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Exhaust repacking - how often?

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  • Exhaust repacking - how often?

    As some of you may know, my 15 month old exhaust has recently fallen apart at the rivets. I'm blaming this on insufficient thickness/strength (titanium skin has torn past the rivets ffs!) coupled with poor mounting and the vibration of a twin...

    But the distributor is blaming excessive heat caused by lack of packing. He says this model of exhaust should be repacked every 3,000km (which for me is 3 months or so). When I took the can off the packing was a bit burnt away, it seemed to be fibreglass matting, would another material be any better?

    So what do you guys reckon, how often do you repack yours?

    PS. can anyone reinforce and reweld a titanium can?
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    Bunyack repacks his daily I believe.


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      we're talking about bike exhausts torq, not your arse.

      And what you do in the privacy of your own public toilet cubicle is no business of ours.
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        you can buy muffler packing from most bikes shops. Some can be repacked, others can't but every 3k seems excessive


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          For me that would be once every three - four weeks, I can't see how that can be right?

          Looking at the can could you trim the broken edge back just past the holes and re rivet it? If so i can take it to the g/fs old man; he is the Operations manager for a sheet metal company, should sort you out at no cost.


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            Barfy! I've cut back. I'm down to weekly now. Clearly you need to pay more attention!

            Oh, but I think Stoneville recently re-packed her Kirka on Bunky. She may have 2c here.


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              this thread hurts my feelings
              Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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                3000Km's is a joke..

                The quality of the wadding makes a big difference to its lifetime though.

                I need to sort out some for mine, may be able to get some for you at the same time.


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                  try contacting Precious Metals Engineering precious metals engineering for small one off Ti welding jobs.

                  sif repack every 3000km. just buy some dirt bike fibreglass packing and jam it down tight in the voidage with a stick and rivet it back up. if you want to get fancy you could try wrapping the core in fibreglass cloth and finish the wrap tightly with muffler tape which might help keep the pack tight and reduce airflow preventing it from being blown out.

                  Ti will become much weaker with temperature. I would suggest that the weight of the can (which is being supported by those rivets) is too great for the strength of the Ti at the temperature, at that position on your bikes exhaust. Probably because so long as the system bolts onto a bike, that is product testing completed.

                  maybe beef it up by using larger diameter and more rivets after you get it repaired, to avoid repeat of the probolem.
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                    Is said distributor aware of the dozens of similar exhausts that have fallen apart for US customers?


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                      what brand exhaust is this ?

                      I wanna avoid this brand, if they reckon 3000k's is normal muffler maintenance time..
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                        Two Brothers

                        The exhausts made for the ER6n have become known to shake themselves apart.

                        IIRC, mostly owing to the only mounting points for this exhaust being a band around the can, then nothing until the headers...

                        Google Ninja 650 + Two Brothers to find out more.

                        Edit: Never heard anything but good about their exhausts for other models.


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                          yeh 2 Brothers needs repacking quite often, but it is only a 30 min job and not expensive, I think Andy is about to do his (2, he's had it on the Bandit for around 5 thou now.

                          I bought two packs for the kerker (on bunky) but only needed one (a little less so will actually get three repacks out of 2), cost me a whole $10 per pack from Causeway Kawasaki, all sounding sweeet again


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                            the tighter you pack them the louder they are. Few points of interest, carbon cans have a disclaimer against dynotuning as the excessive heat through the exhaust will kill it. WSB cans that are carbon actually have a titanium skin under them to protect the outer carbon skin.
                            I would be hard on the importer for this one and downloud details off the net as ammo.
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                              Being a twin also makes it worse as they tend to THUMP out the packing. I'd be asking where the service requirements of the pipe state a 3K replacement interval !!!! I think you have a fair argument, 3K is just the local agent(not the shop) trying to back out.

                              The prices we get charged in Aus for this stuff they should be bending over backward to help you. The reason one buys in Australia is for the Wrty! If not pay 1/2 and get it from the US it would have brocken just the same for much less dosh.