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  • LiveWire Whips

    Check out these bling flag poles. Great for your dirt bike / buggy. I would get one if they were a bit cheaper. At US$189 plus postage its a bit steep for me.


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    Peh.... we where doing that to our CB arials on our cars before the days of the interwebz.
    In complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that seperate us. Dont let your eyes deceive you.
    Its the little things that make the difference
    Originally posted by IPIT on relationships
    If either/both of you can take a dump with the other person being next to you within a week of meeting them then you're in with a VERY good chance.


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      OMG!!! New levels in minesite safety right there! To be honest im surprised they arent already using them.
      I love two strokes. Because they annoy the shit out of people. ^_^


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        Wow. I can see one on your FZR600 now. Oh so pretty. They will match your LED valve caps and your neons and your pretty little........................!

        Ooops! Said to much.