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97 ZX6 Ignition issues.

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  • 97 ZX6 Ignition issues.

    Rach's ZX6 is running on 3 cylinders. Im fairly limited with my tools atm so i cant inspect the bike properly but it seems that the coil that runs cylinders 2 & 3 is dodgey, as in its dropped a HT line and either 2 or 3 wont spark.

    From what Rach has told me she was riding the bike like normal and then instantly started running like shit and lost power. Its still rideable, and as a triple it sounds pretty cool though!

    When i get under the airbox ill isolate which plug aint firing. Im fairly certain it wont be a faulty plug as they were only replaced around 5-6000km ago. It could be a damaged HT line which might be repairable, or a half burnt out coil, i cant tell yet.

    But for people out there who are experience working on these particular bikes, is it common for the coils to crap out around 60000km? The bike is at around 57 now. How much will she be looking at for a new coil? Would it be best to replace both of them at the same time?
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