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coolant leak/overflow?

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  • coolant leak/overflow?

    hey people
    what does it mean if coolant comes out one of the hoses below the bike and leaves a small puddle after a slight thrash
    such as,
    drive down street to private rd do 0-100, drive back, bike sits at idle for 1-2 mins then coolant leaks out,
    was only a small puddle about 30cm in diametre and stopped leaking after 20-30secs

    mate told me its just overflow, but im unsure and dont know much about how/what them hoses do?

    btw bike is cbr250rr

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    history of bike?


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      It could be a head gasket.
      Or just an overfilled coolant bottle.

      Check the coolant level and keep an eye on it.


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        ive owned the bike for just over a week now, dont know much about its history?

        just checked coolant level and was way below minimum couldnt see any in bottle, so i toped up with techaloy 90, as i was toping up it was leaking out and left another 30cm diameter puddle then stoped once was full, i then started and idled bike and is constantly small drips coming out of hose, how ever i do think i over filled as i filled to the cap.



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          If it's leaking out as you're topping it up, then there's obviously a leak.


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            where would i start to check this? and its coming out of the hose, and what does that do?


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              call a mobile mechanic.


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                have you checked the hose clamps are all tight?
                had a loose one after a service at northside kwaka once, otherwise maybe split hose, cracked coolant bottle?
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                  Which hose is it coming out of?

                  There should be 2 hoses from your coolant bottle - one is the overflow (top of your coolant tank), the other hooks up to the radiator cap (from the bottom of your coolant tank).

                  Are you filling up at the coolant tank, or the radiator?

                  If you've got half a head on your shoulders it shouldn't be hard to work out how the coolant system works, and to check where the leaks are coming from.


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                    Oh and 3 or 4cm is a small puddle... 30cm is not a small puddle!
                    Get it checked out. My 250rr never did that no matter how hard it was ridden.
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                      coolant is leaking from hose that is at top of overflow bottle(also filling from overflow bottle),

                      i just took for another ride and came back and let her idle for 1-2mins an everything was fine then it started leaking from that hose again,

                      it was leaking constantly in drips and the odd flow,

                      temp gauge is just over half and when i was riding for 2-3 hours on saturday it never got anywere near half and now after i turned her off i the coolant was still boiling for 1-2mins,

                      and even after all this leaking coolant level still hasnt moved much from top of overflow bottle?


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                        Have you still got fluid in the radiator/under the radiator cap?

                        Starting to sound like a head gasket.


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                          check that the overflow bottle is piped correctly.
                          The hose coming from the radiator should go to a connection on the overflow bottle that has a diptube or the bottom of the overflow tank, so when it cools down it gets drawn back in to the radiator. and the overflow to waste is at the top of the overflow tank.
                          see how you go.
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                            ITS THERMO FAN . . .

                            i just went and let it idle for a bit and nothing was happening so i thought to good to be true,
                            so i held it between 4000-2000rpm for around 3mins im guessing,
                            and the temp started to climb, got a touch over half way and still no coolant coming out so i kept susing everything out and spotted a TINY thermo fan behind radiator and noticed it was not moving so i let it idle for a bit more,
                            and checked it again and it was working :S
                            so i let her idle for long to see if she would cool down and i checked again and the fan had stopped working :S
                            i then took her for a 5 min ride and i could see the temp gauge go down from the cool air,

                            this has brung me to the conclusion its the thermo fan and has been over heating on idle/when still which would also explain the delay time in it overheating AFTER a run.

                            next question is how the fcuk do i get to the fan electrics on a cbr250rr to clean them?


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                              With a tool kit and set of allen keys.