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mix/match tyres?

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  • mix/match tyres?

    Im looking for a new set of tyres before the 30th for my cbr250, and im having a bit of trouble finding much in stock anywhere. I was looking at bridgestone bt90/92s or dunlop grp70s. I cant get a set anywhere, but craig at motorcycle pitstop did say he can do the bt92 rear with a gpr70 front. The 70 is a little softer/stickier, so would it be a good/bad combo for my bike? Im not riding that hard on them, but doing a few trackdays. Other option is a set of pilot powers, though ill have to go up from a 140-150 rear

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    go up from a 140-170 rear
    What? You mean width?

    170 won't fit on your rim, and why 170 size? I have a 160 pilot power on my bike.
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      typo, i meant 150
      If cleanliness is next to godliness, why was jesus a dirty sandal-wearing beardo?


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        I got the stock type arrowmax or whatever on the front and a pirelli on the rear
        doesnt seem to cause any dramas.

        I dont think it would matter in the end sam, you arent exactly gonna brake traction (that is what someone said to me when i asked about mis matched tyres)


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          Not a drama to have different tyres really. Lots of people run a softer/sticker front than rear cause you go through a rear so much quicker. As for running a 150 rear on your bike it may be a bit interesting (i think you need to run higher pressures to do it).

          Just go for a decent rear and a nice sticky front for dorifto action.


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            Since getting my BB in March last year I have had the following combo's:
            Well worn D208f +1/2 worn Mich PRr, PPf +1/2 worn PRr and another new PRr, New Shinko 005's f+r and now the 005 f + PR2 rear and have had no real problems with any of them :o.
            That said the PPf + PRr combo was the best handling, the D208f and Shinko front both seemed to get an oscillation happening in the bars under decel with no hands at around 80-70kmh
            As said unless you are racing or the tyre types are completely different then a softer front compared to a rear will tend to wear more the same rate
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            Originally posted by Phildo
            Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
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              I say go softer front if you cant match em. I think of it this way: softer means more stick, less slip. Which one would your prefer to be "slipping": back or front?