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Re-packing slip-ons and CF sleeve

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  • Re-packing slip-ons and CF sleeve

    Sort of carrying on from Giants thread about quietening down his zorst, I looked at mine recently as its been making a different noise.

    Anyway, unfortunately seems that I may be too late to re-pack mine, as the Carbon Fiber sleeving has started to warp as I guess the holes that are in the packing material damage the CF.

    So..brings me to my question...I gather I can get a re-pack kit from a few bike shops..but mine also has this brass/copper wire wool before the fiberglass packing (so sort of CF sleeve, fiberglass packing, brass/copper wool all wrapped round the internal tube/gauze). Does anyone know if the kits come with the wool stuff? and is it important?

    Also...know this has been asked a few times, but searched and couldnt find the threads I was looking for, but anyone know local or otherwise of where to get CF sleeving? Know of a few places in the UK, but surely there has to be somewhere local or at least in Aus?

    Cheers for any help.

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    I just learnt all this the hard way. Apparently it's the heat that is damaging your outer sleeve, the packing stops the heat transferring that far out. But over time it gets slowly burnt away, which makes the sound louder, and the sleeve hotter. Factor in vibration, and things can turn to shit pretty quickly.

    For CF sleeving try Howler exhausts, they're local and good. I have no idea about the metal wool, never heard of that before.
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      Cheers for the info Barfridge,

      Found that cos Ive got a UK made pipe (Wolf exhaust), I can get the new sleeves for 60 pounds each (so around $140ish per sleeve) and a repack kit for 15 pounds. Postage is around 12 pounds.
      Just wish Id found this info earlier as it may have saved my pipes from damage to the CF sleeve!

      Any idea where or how to contact Howler? Whitepages and Google dont come up with any info?



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        I have a CF sleeve, not installed.. what size do you need ?

        450 high x 110 across the barrel
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          Spot on mate...just measured mine and its 100 x 450 too.
          I`ll PM you and see if its the same sort of CF as the good pipe I have (V-twin = 2 pipes )


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            Originally posted by MisterP View Post

            Any idea where or how to contact Howler? Whitepages and Google dont come up with any info?

            paul's mob: 0422 844 624


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              Steel wool in an exhaust
              You trying to out-spark TurboR1?