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Opinion req. on ebay rear sets

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  • Opinion req. on ebay rear sets

    Hey all,

    Has anyone ever used or heard of these rear sets? Seem to be a pretty reasonable price.
    eBay Motors: kawasaki rearsets ZX10 ZX10 06 07 Adujstable Rearsets (item 320150242542 end time Jan-18-08 07:55:06 PST)

    I've heard from a ZX12 owner who used them and seems pretty happy.

    If these are crap, does anyone know of something else available for a good deal?


    EDIT: Actually MM have some Vortex on sale... might be a better option?
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    Those look like Sato rip offs.

    I'm fairly sure some of the users on Kawiforums have them and haven't had any problems.


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      Thanks for the response mate,

      I know $$$ wise they are good value but its whether or not it's a good idea to go with a knock off of a good brand vs the vortex. When really price wise (factoring in a brake switch), there is next to nothing in it.

      Does anyone know if MM ship to Aus?


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        Yes MotoMummy (if that's who you're referring to) ship to Australia. Also, I can vouch for the Vortex rearsets, awesome grip with the footpeg (bloody thing cut my hand to ribbons the other day when working on it) and excellent adjustment potential. Very strong too - just ask Ajax.

        You will need to get an inline pressure switch to make the brake light work and if you're clever work out a way to fit a return spring to the brake lever.


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          I have some the same in my shed.
          Come have a look if you want to check out the build quality.
          Or lack thereof.


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            Originally posted by Desmogod View Post
            I have some the same in my shed.
            Come have a look if you want to check out the build quality.
            Or lack thereof.
            What, the ebay knock-offs?


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              based on the shipping price there is bugger all in it, no idea on those or the vortex rearsets, but I can highly recommend Motomummy! awesome service


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                Yeah, ebay ripoffs.
                I wouldn't trust em in a standup, put it that way.


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                  Thanks for all the opinions, and cheers for the offer Jim.
                  Just ordered a set of the vortex off MotoMummy along with the pressure switch. The spring shouldn't be too hard to work something out! And a few other little goodies for good measure!

                  Now it's just the waiting game for when they all arrive!
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                    Vortex are great value for money, especially with the USD$ is it's current state.
                    Not much extra cost for piece of mind.
                    +1 for Moto Mummy.


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                      i ordered some from a company called "nasurin" in thailand and they took 5 days just before chrissy theyre yoshimura knock offs but bloody good looking pieces of kit