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    Hi all,

    Need some info especially from you fast track and road user's. My pride and joy is going for it 10000k service next week and instead of just replacing the brake pads with the shock replacements I want to upgrade to something that will be more powerfull in the stopping the Gixxer on road and on the track. I'll be also upgrading the brake fuild (any help here also would be great) as the last track day I did on the 9th December the brakes faded really bad and had a few moments into turn 1 and especially turn 7 :o Hope to read some informative info in the coming days. Thanks.

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    Whilst i'm not a fast bike person....

    Brake fluid: go DOT4 or DOT5.1. DOT 5 is silicon based and incompatible. The DOT ratings are an industry standard, so DOT 5.1 fluid should have the same boiling point whether its brand X or brand Y.

    From my experience with cars, pads will help a heap - as to what is good on bikes, i have nfi...
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      Any DOT4 will be fine for the street and the occasional track day. Fresh fluid will make more of a difference than anything.

      Was it pad fade you were getting, or boiling fluid?


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        EBC HH pads, and some Motul 5.1 should do the trick. I thought the OEM pads were pretty good on the GSXR??
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          Haven't tried the EBC HH pads personally but I've heard nothing but good things about them. Got a set on the way at the moment I'm looking forward to giving a try.


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            Thanks guys. The pads are pretty well shot at this stage but as im replacing them I just want to upgrade and see what if any the difference will be. Im not a fast rider but I try. The brake fade was more so to do with boiling brake fluid which had just been changed before the trackday!!!


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              Originally posted by Eire View Post
              Thanks guys. The pads are pretty well shot at this stage but as im replacing them I just want to upgrade and see what if any the difference will be. Im not a fast rider but I try. The brake fade was more so to do with boiling brake fluid which had just been changed before the trackday!!!

              Talk to the guys that race gsxr's they have tried everything and go back to the OEM suzuki units. Talk to Ben Stronach he did.

              I put EBC on my 04 GSXR1000 the initial bite is very strong too strong i rekon i got more improvement in braided brake lines than the pads alone.


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                I used Ferodo pads and Motul Sythetic fluid all year.. Only had problems with brakes when the lever wasnt there. !!!!! Braided lines will do the trick for track days for sure.. However, I dont brake as hard as Ben Stronach.....I dont think many people can..Ben doesn't use his brakes...


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                  Check your discs are suitable to be used with full sintered pads otherwise they tend to eat discs (most modern road bikes are fine).
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                    This is great lads keep the info coming....! Have changed the stock brake line to Zinc lines already, again this was done before the last trackday. So it's either EBC HH Pads Ferodo Pads or keep with the stock...........!

                    Col whats the difference between Ferodo, EBC HH and Stock Pads? With the Motul Sythetic fluid I'll give it a go and see what happens as Im booked in for the 28th TrakDayz session!!!

                    Thanks lads for the info


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                      I have used OEM & EBC HH in the ZX6RR & both give excellent performance; they both provide the linear bite I prefer too. Main diff between them is that the EBC last twice as long.

                      I run kevlar lines & use new fluid every 3-4 track visits (dedicated track bike).

                      I used to have probs with the lever coming back to the bar towards the end of a race, cured by REALLY getting all the air out by using a top banjo with nipple for bleeding as the caliper doesn't have one stock. An 07 bike should prob have one stock.

                      Make sure you bed the pads in properly & preferably clean the disks first if changing to a diff type of pad material.
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                        Stock pads are good gear.

                        But pads are caliper / rider dependent. Bendix race pads on a 1000RR are great, same pads on the 929/954RR suck arse.

                        I have no love for Motul DOT5.1 now, it has too much seal swell , and has proven to create sticky pads (pistons) in more than a couple bikes, so ive tossed it. However Motuls RBF600 is one of the highest rated fluids out there, and works fine.

                        New fluid before every trackday, good pads with meat, and bleed the system well , and you cant go wrong.


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                          Im running Motul RF600 with EBC HH in the Duke, they have plenty of feel.
                          Have some Carbone Lorraines to try out next.

                          Ferodo Sintered Race pads (Galfer Rotors) on the CBR1000 with same fluid, very strong combo. Bendix will be going in next. Saf, Calvin and Tex swear by them so plenty good enough for me.

                          Standard pads in my old K6 Gixxer were pretty good.


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                            Where do you get bendix from and whats the $$$ like ?


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                              Standard pads are made to a higher level of QAQC, so they are about the best for road and the track we have here. If we had a track with 300k straights and first gear corners it might warrant sintered pads or race pads, but we don't.
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