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Help! Nail in tyre!!!

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  • Help! Nail in tyre!!!

    Okay I need some assistance here
    I was going over my bike gettin ready for the tribe day this coming sunday to ride on the track and I noticed a thin nail stuck in the rear of my tyre! So I got a flat head screw driver to lift the nail out slowly, each time I lift a milimetre it would hiss out air :cry:

    So should I leave the nail lodge back in the rear tyre and ride it as it is for track day or should I take it out hoping it won't hiss out any more air?


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    ride it to any bike shop and get them to plug it. $15 max


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      Re: Help! Nail in tyre!!!

      "]So should I leave the nail lodge back in the rear tyre and ride it as it is for track day...
      Yeah - provided you dont want to do more than 20km/h... or you enjoy back tyres blowing out at speed. :shock: :shock:

      Sorry, you dont want to ride with that there. It wont last very long at all under load. You may be able to get it plugged if you are lucky and its in the right spot, but I'm not sure of the performance of plugs when thrashing the bike round a track.

      Fingers crossed you wont have to chuck the tyre and get a new one... :roll:


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        I had my rear plugged by Peter at Tyres For Bikes a few sets back and had no probs with it... I even did a track day on that rear and it held up sweet.

        Obviously it does depend exactly where the nail is but I assume its towards the middle..

        Anyway i think its 20-30 for the mushroom plug so its worth it IMHO.
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          I had a tyre plugged and wore it down to the metal around the plug. They is perfectly safe.


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            I had my rear tyre plugged last week (it was brand new tyre too ..bastard of a thing) .. seems to be ok .. and has held up
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              if you wanna grab a set of used slicks for the weekend give me a ring.. I have few sets with plenty of rubber.. you can have it...i just don't wanna see you going out onto the track with a plugged tyre.

              i'll pm you my mob #


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                I have one of those plug kits with the long strap of sticky stuff that you ram in the hole.

                I am ashamed to say I coped (in Feb 04) a phillips head screw in the front (easy to remove!!), plugged it, and have since done two track days on it, and cracked speeds of a couple of ton and a half. The tyre is still going strong and has lived out its natural life, needs replacing soon (about 9 months too late hey!)

                Yes, it's stupid, I'm stupid, really bad thing, dont recommend it etc.... I have had no probs.
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                  Whatever you do - just please don't go on the track with a nail in the tyre.

                  Read an article recently where a fella in the US copped a nail in his shoulder, piercing through his leathers, just missing arteries etc, just managed to stay on his bike to get back to the pits. Wouldn't have been good if it had of been closer to the throat region :shock:

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                    Thanks for ya help guys, greatly appreciate it