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Couple queries (with pics)

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  • Couple queries (with pics)

    The other day i noticed with the bike running that oil was driping fast from conection to the exhaust..

    called up th guyz at causeway they say it because oil is to high and oil is coming from some overflow or something... sound correct?

    so today im draining out a bit of oil one question thou is this the oil drain nut hehe?

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    If its a two stroke you will get some oil up there especialy if you are putting around town alot (exess build up of oil not getting blown out).

    As for the drain plug it is generally the lowest on the sump make sure you have a spare copper gasket (washer) to go on the sump plug as to they generally leak when tightend up a little more than once. There is a post on the forum here some where about manual's (might tell you where the things are you are looking for). looks like the right one from the pic's

    Hope it helped

    "Nothing to see here move along"


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      cheers shark got the manual but it says it is in different spot but ithink because it is refering to an older model thats why i was checking


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        the cbr2fiddy is a 4 stroke so if it's burning oil it's a lemon

        Dont drain the oil, change the oil. Put in fresh oil unless you know it has just been changed before you bought it.

        You probably need a new gasket between the muffler and the pipe....


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          it was over filled by like a litre :shock:

          and colin at causeway said when i biught the bike that they changed the oil

          ethier he just told or some kid int hier garage stuffed up hopefully didnt cause any damage

          the oil stop droping from the exaust after i let sit and run for a min after i drained off about a litre of oil ... anyway all in all im heppy i learnt how to change oil now


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            new thing i noticed about my bike now is the temp gage doesnt move at all
            that my might be too complicated for me too fix so im gona leave it to boys at shop


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              new thing i noticed about my bike now is the temp gage doesnt move at all
              that my might be too complicated for me too fix so im gona leave it to boys at shop
              i would think that the gasket is leaking(shagged) and its moisture as this is what usually will leak when a bike is started for the first 5 minutes.have you checked this?check the end of the pipe and if there is oil residue then you have a problem.i have yet to see this though from a thinking you should let the mechanics fiddle with the bike :roll:


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                With the temp gauge not working, you probally pulled a wire from the senser when you removed the fairing.
                Have a look around the cylinder head and look for a senser and check that the wire is on.
                With the oil did it look clean or was it black and dirty? when you checked the oil level after you drained a liter out was it up the max line on the dipstick or sight glass? For the bike to be leaking oil from the exaust joint it must have been smoking alot. If not it will be condensation that you always get when starting a cold engine and this water picks up the soot that is in your pipe and will come out black.


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                  the bike isnt smoking so i guess thats one point for me the oil that driped from exhaust was real black and i was checking the oil level with the dipstick with the bike up right after it was running for a min then siting for a min, dont think its water m8 and ill check for that sensor wire thanks


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                    That 1 litre of extra oil sounds dodge.... That may have been the reason why your spark plugs stuffed up. Also were you having clutch trouble when you had too much oil in it???