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adjusting gear lever for comort

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  • adjusting gear lever for comort

    I was just chasing conformation before i start fiddling with something i shouldnt. I want to adjust the gear lever and find the position most comfortable since I feel a little cramped when changing up gears. The top picture is just the gear lever and the bottom focuses on nut marked 10 (10mm) that I presume u loosen to adjust gear lever.
    Is it as simple as this.
    Hmmm cant work out how to upload photos either, if anyone can help with this as well would be great

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    you need to host them on a website like
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      yes it is pretty simple, although before loosening any bolts to re position the lever I would recommend you mark the shaft and gear lever across the face with a fine texter or hack saw blade or similar, that way if you get really confused with which setting was best you can always go straight back to the default setting.

      I'm not sure on the set up on a VTR250 but most 2fiddys have the lever going straight onto the gear selector shaft ( part going staight into the gearbox) - If this is the case then yes just undo the 10mm bolt slip of the lever an reposition it 1 or 2 splines down or up. ( just remember where you toes are gonna be when cornering )
      On some models they are connected together by an adjustable rod. - ball jointed at both ends and the position can be adjusted by either lengthining or shortening this shaft.