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Need advice re: RGV rebuild

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  • Need advice re: RGV rebuild

    Hey guys, Im thinking of buying a '96 RGV 250 that isnt running (p/v failure) and doin a rebuild and bit of work to get it running again. kno a guy sellin it for 2k, what would the costs be all up and is there anyone in perth who'd be especially good at that kind of work? or would a rebuild kit and some time be all I need?
    Only reason im doing it is to save a bit of money and have some fun while im at it: bike for 2k, top end rebuild/work for 1500ish, sell for 4500+ in a year. Or is this being a bit naive?
    Apparently only things wrong with it are a stuck p/v, an air bubble in the front brake line (as the owner bled his brakes himself and stuff it up.) any thing else i should be asking about here?
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    have a look in the thread below this one (in being technamikle) called rgv OUCH
    might find the info u r looking for there.
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      that may not be too far out of the question, depends how much the rebuild ends up costing you - wether you do most of the work yourself and parts etc. like i said in the l other thread mike at one on one motorcycles did an excellent job on my old rgv but that re-build cost was about 2500 at the end of the day, given it ended up being a little more than just a top end rebuild


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        1500ish would probably be about right depending on who does the work and the extent of the damage.

        So far in my single cylinder rebuild im up against the following costs,
        Powervalves = $200 per cylinder (low km units)
        Pistons & rings = $100 per cylinder (genuine suzuki parts)
        Misc gaskets etc = ~$100 havent checked but im assumming 100 should cover it.

        This is doing the work myself so there are no labour costs but i'd assume a shop would probably charge around 5-600 for it plus parts.

        If possible try and see how badly damaged the piston is because if the Power valve has shattered the piston you'll be up for a full strip down to remove the broken bits.
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          second gear usually goes on the RGV,s,then 3rd,then,4th if not fixed straight away.when you buy a RGV with a suspect engine,expect the worse.power valve failure usually means more damage than just the valves.they are high maintenance bikes and need to be serviced on time.if this is not done,there will usually be other problems with it.