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Kawasaki ZZr250 mechanical questions

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  • Kawasaki ZZr250 mechanical questions

    Hi Guys,

    doing some work on my Kawasaki ZZr250 which was written off financially but i'm trying to get it started and running again.

    It used to start but stall when throttle was turned, so i googled it all and it suggested cleaning the airbox/making sure the carby wasn't gummed up, so i took the airbox out (effort) and it was fine so i tried some 'start ya bastard' with the intakes and the bike started and idled but stopped on throttle again.

    Turned out the return throttle cable was snapped, so i replaced that and it was running well. Started without the accellerant on choke.

    put everything back together, had it on the rear stand and a pipe dropped out of the bottom ( does anyone know what this is connected to?

    when it starts now, the revs red line instantly and the idle knob doesnt effect it...thoughts?

    thanks in advance

  • #2 skip to the 3 minute mark re the hose