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2009 cbr1000rr stutter

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  • 2009 cbr1000rr stutter

    Hi I am having problems with my cbr. It started stuttering and backfiring and revving erratically after about 5 minutes track riding. It has no fault codes and I can’t seem to reproduce it while idling or revving it stationary. Some forums suggest cam position sensor, just wondering what you guys think.

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    I would start with fuel pump filters and work from there. Most fuel pumps have two filters with the high pressure side being unsevicable....although many have had good results with reverse flushing the pump with fresh fuel. This does entail removing the pump.

    Good luck
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      Check your R/R and stator outputs as well to eliminate them as an R/R etc can give problems you describe
      Use this Fault Finding Chart from Electrosport
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        I assume a faulty coil would throw a code last time plugs saw the light of day was? I would expect a filter to first show up at high rpm and gradually get worse over time with an associated kind of fuel regulator fault code but really depends on the FI setup and how much it monitors. The other suggestion is check the routing of your fuel lines and any heat shielding it should have that may have been removed when setting up for racing. As Para suggested check the charging system the Honda's were a bit notorious around that era also check the earth and main power leads from the battery they may be loose and causing intermittent contact. I'd expect a cam sensor to throw a fault but this is a general supposition and not based on any direct knowledge.
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          Any aftermarket parts fitted? Power commander? quick shifter?
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            Thanks guys, only aftermarket parts fitted are an exhaust and intake duct valves removed. Still can’t get it to fault but have replaced the fuel pump and going to run it on a Dyno to see what happens.