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VTR250 Ignition Switch Wiring

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  • VTR250 Ignition Switch Wiring

    I have just picked up a 2007 VTR250 that needed a damaged ignition switch replaced. It came with a replacement switch (ebay aftermarket one).

    But, the bike is a Japanese market model and the factory switch has 4 wires and a diode on the back. The ebay replacement only has 3 wires on the back. The wiring diagram in the English service manual only shows 3 wires to ignition switch.

    I've wired it up except for the spare 4th wire (pink). The bike will crank but not start. I used a spark plug tester and there is no spark at the plug.

    I can't find a Japanese service manual to check for a different wiring diagram. Does anyone have knowledge/experience with japanese market Honda ignitions. I want to know if the spare 4th wire is somehow stopping the system from firing.

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    Yep, it's a thing. Read about it, but haven't ever checked on how it works, this thread should shed a bit of light.


    American Hondas didn't have a lot of the same security, like coded ECU's. The manual you're looking at and the switch you bought are probably both intended for the American market.
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