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    Hey Guys! I haven't been in here in ages as I have had some time off of the bike. I have recently bought an MT09 (a bike that I have wanted since it was released) second hand from Dale Brittons. It has a full akropovic exhaust but I don't think that it has been tuned.

    I feel like it runs a bit rough at low RPMs. It kind of feels like it is losing power ever so slightly every second or so. Not really sure how to explain it but at the end of the day I think it might need a tune.

    The question I have, Is there anyone in Perth (trusted by the group) that I could take my bike to and get an ECU tune? I have read that this is much better than getting a power commander but if you guys have different opinions please let me know.

    It has nearly 40,000km so it will need a service soon as well so advice on a good place to go for servicing (near Midland if possible) would be much appreciated!

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    Talk to Grant at Aussie Moto Engineering in Muchea. Well worth the trip.
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      Thanks I will give him a call.