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Nasty stain.... dont act like u never had one before!

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  • Nasty stain.... dont act like u never had one before!

    Having a rather mind boggling Dilemma.... i have a rather strange stain on my swingarm *waits in anticipation for Gordo's dirty remark*, i have no idea what i could first i thought it was chain lube or engine oil...but im not sure about that anymore.... might even be a paint stain

    here's some of the products ive used to try to remove stain

    *Motorex- Clean and Polish
    *Autosol Polish
    *Spray and Wipe (dont laugh, i was told it could work)
    *Polishing wheel (Eletric drill attachment)
    *Tootbrush (used with Motorex, CLR)

    Yet still no luck.... didnt even smudge :cry:

    If anyone has ANY idea how i can remove these unsightly stains... POST DAMMIT POST!! otherwise i am going to have to resort to stripping the arse end of the bike down and get it polished up professionally... then i would have to get the rest of the bike done as well to match... not that, that would be a bad thing in the end...but very costly.. below are some pic's of the dreaded nasty!

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    I had a stain like that in the same spot on my TLR, mine came from using too strong of rim cleaner., anything with acid will stain your aluminum frame. its a real pain in the ass to get out, i used a alum polish and rubbing compound. good luck!


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      probably battery acid. If the frame is etched, you'll have to sand it back. just use wet'n dry sandpaper.. do the whole thing so it doesn't look funny.

      and if you're going to do that, u may as well polish it


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        Yep. What Oblivion said.

        By those photos it looks like that is what you will have to do. Don't want to cause alarm but it does look like it is etched in quite well so may take a while. If you start with coarse wet/dry and then work down to fine grade it can actually give you a chromed look.

        Good luck with it. May be easier to take it all apart and give it to someone else to do!! Hell. Thats what I would do!!


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          might be the way to go.... im lazy 8)


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            You could try Kero aswell.. that shit is the bomb when it comes to cleaning
            Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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              dude is the metal stained .. or burnished ?? i cant tell ....

              this sounds really stupid but it can work somethimes

              tooth paste on a small polishing wheel (try a dremal wheel) can somtimes work as it is a very mild abrasive and doesnt remove enuff surface to actual polish it .. i used it to clean the alloy on the top of my forks ..where the key lock sits ...

              just an idea ..
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                Dude, get down to your local "Big Bubble" and pick up some "Aluminium Wheel Cleaner" Only $10 for 1L. It's a mixture of HCl and HFlCl acid, but is great for ANY aluminium. I used to use it on the GPX wheels. They were anodised, but it didn't leave a mark on them.. I wouldn't let it near paint though... Used with a toothbrush, it's fantastic. Being that the frame is aluminium, you can't really go wrong.

                PS: HCl = Hydro-cloric acid
                HFlCl = Hydro-flouric acid

                It sounds worse than it is, its diluted..
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                  CAD get your momma to clean it up then give her a black eye and tell her not to have sex on your bike again !!!!

                  You asked for it so you got it !!!!


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                      Stain on swing arm

                      Hi guys,
                      Have seen stains identical to that before and was caused by acid, not from battery but from cleaning solutions, some of which contain hydrochloric and/or hydrofloric acid, always pays to read lables to see whats in the product. On the example I refer to the stain had to be buffed out as, like the others said it is etched into the alloy.
                      Sorry couldn't help more.Although I could be wrong, has happened once before.............just kidding, I'm never wrong.