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  • stupid zzr

    so wwhot u rekin is wrong with the bike if it wont get past 1,500 rpm with full choke on and when i twist accelerator black smoke pisses out of the exhausts ? any help ?

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    Once the bike has been warmed up you won't need the choke to be on. Turn it off. That's prob the main cause it's pissing out black Crap. The fuel/air mixture would be too rich.

    So wamr it up, turn choke to "off" position and give it a bit of stick. See if that helps in anyway...
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      yea i know that works
      but today i turned it on with choke on as i havent ridden it in 2 days
      and it only got up to around 2,000rpm
      then dropped down to 1500rpm
      im just gonna take it back to the dealer cuz its under warrenty so yeah just thought id ask see if anyone could gimme any tips maybe i could have fixed it and gone for a ride tonight


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        dun worri, zzr's are indestructable....the little fuckers just keep goin!!!

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