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  • Aprilia RS125 Exhaust

    Hey guys I just recently bought myself a RS125 & was wanting to know if there are any mods that can be made to the exhaust, where's a good respectable bike workshop around Perth?



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    go c pete at causeway honda he can source any part for any bike.....

    tell him perth extreme sent ya

    I'm the noob you all pwn!


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      mmmmm...he might not be at work for a lil while tho but definately the place to be lookin


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        You gonna make it sound like a chainsaw if you get it done!!!! :roll:
        Stick to the lawn mower sound for now!


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          The RS125 will always sound like that, best keep it the way she is, besides, you'll be getting a bigger and better bikes soon yeah?

          I really don't think there's much to do to them anyway. Give it a shot for sure but if i were you, I'd be puttin cash away for after market stuff when you get a bigger bike.

          Just my 2c


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            Re: Aprilia RS125 Exhaust

            Hey guys I just recently bought myself a RS125 & was wanting to know if there are any mods that can be made to the exhaust
            I'm sure [NoMaD] could tell you a few ways to mod an RS125........
            Air // KevLar // BigKev

            I'M EXCITED!


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              Welcome wazza, you were the guy at the Office on fri night yuh?

              Yeah if you're real keen, go see the boys at causeway honda (albany hwy) and tell em perth extreme sent ya.

              I'd be with campo though man, put that money away and spend it on a big bike that you will keep for more than 12 months (you wont get your money back on mods for the 125)
              mmmmm sacrilicious


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                Yeah dude that was me at Office.



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                  RS125 eh? I used to have one of them...

                  First off, I'm going to assume you've done the initial de-restriction, right? That is where you open the CDI (ignition) box and break one of the jumpers; it gets rid of that nasty flat-spot between 5000rpm and 6000rpm.

                  Secondly, there is a baffle in the airbox just before the carbs, it looks like two black plastic tubes connected (parallel) to each other. Get rid of that, also; you shouldn't need to re-jet anything.

                  As far as exhausts go, for a full system (incl. expansion chamber) you can either go Arrows or Jolly Moto. You could probably get Alex Heal from Roo Racing to adapt a single RGV 250 muffler to fit the bike, as well; though I doubt that'll give you much of an increase. Even the lovely Arrows system will only give you 2-3hp for around $1000.. not worth it really! Just do as many track days as you can afford, buy sticky tires, and become a better rider.


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                    Thanks for that info. Made the mod to the CDi & its so much better to ride.
                    Think I'll leave exhaust mods for the time being, Some guy reversed into my bike at a set of light the other week so gotta make some repairs.