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help please - lowered bike and chain tension

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  • help please - lowered bike and chain tension

    Help Please.

    Jaffa is lowered by approx 80mm with a lowering link from US (Soupy's) and lowered front and rear suspension (the original suspension setting didnt budge with 46kg body weight and short legs not helped...). Had first service and done 3500km since. Noticed on weekend the chain has a vertical move of close to 45mm and took it to dealer today for adjustment (suspect the lowering may now make the manual info not suitable ) and was informed that's the case.

    I would be grateful if anyone would kindly advise me on any experience with lowering and its implications on chain tension or any resources of information, in particular if the chain would be more likely to get out of place while riding. I have search online to no avail (except now vaguely understand the arc of suspension movement in relation to chain in geometry of bike configuration...etc etc etc).

    Many thanks in advance.
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    The arc of the suspension will still be the same its just sitting at a different spot. Normally as the suspension compresses the chain gets tighter until the swing arm pivot lines up with the axle then it get looser again. Lowering has flattened your swing arm so the resting point will be tighter.

    The best way to set chain tension is to pull the shock and move the swing arm through its range of motion and look at the tension. In this case I'd run less than std chain tension and have a look at it. Let the mechanic have a look he will advise you.

    Does the suspension feel really hard now?

    From my experience with lowering links they stuff up the suspension rising rate, flatten the swing arm ruin the handling of the bike. 80mm is huge I'd be more worried about that. If the suspension didn't compress with 46kg on it (it won't ) you need to re spring to suit and prolly re-valve. You still have the same springs and have not solved the original issue.



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      Thank you MM.

      yes the suspension is really hard; I am thrown up from seat a lot on a well used road, literally hanging on to handle bar for dear life.

      PM'ed you for a professional solution. Many thanks again.


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        2nded what Marty said. 80mm is huuuuge. How short are you? It seems like overkill..


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          160cm doesnt seem that bad....but short legs are the problem, since the bike wont naturally sink lower with my weight. Seat at 805mm.

          I should be ok stopping with me half off the bike...just had some bad experience with uneven road at traffic lights....sigh...