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Dririder Alpine gloves review.

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  • Dririder Alpine gloves review.

    Dririder have recently released these winter gloves and having bought a pair I thought I would share my views/comments for other potential buyers.

    Short review: Buy the Storms instead.

    Long review.

    Typical of most dririder products the stitch and construction quality is good with you'd expect with an product at this price point. Interestingly the 2009 dririder catalogue list these gloves as having a drawstring wrist closer and a visor wipe on the finger, yet the gloves I bought had niether. The wrist close is elastic, not drawstring.

    These gloves are confortable and warm. They offer full movement of your hands with no restrictions just like the dririder nordics. I can fully close/open my hands easily in these gloves and are much better in this regard compared to the storms though the storms offer more protection with the extra padding on the thumb and so on which is why storms are more restrictive. But the alpines still offer good protection with extra padding on the cuffs and double layer leather in all the right places.

    As far as water proofing goes, they are typical of new dri rider gloves. I tested them by full immersion into a bucket of water for about a minute, no leaks so I'd expect them to hold up well in heavy rain when riding.

    The big problem with these gloves is the cuff. Instead of the usual wrap around velco fastener these gloves have an unusal zip up cuff that is next to useless and leaves the cuff bulky instead of a tighter wrap around your wrist. The problem is then trying to get them under your jacket cuffs. It's a mission fraut with fustration. Unless you have a jacket with huge reliefs at the cuffs, you won't get these gloves inside your jacket cuffs easily. None of my three jackets are wide enough at the cuff to work with these gloves.
    Off course you could wear these gloves over your jacket sleeves which is perfect for letting water run downhill and filling your gloves up with water.
    This may be why dririder have put the wrist closer on these gloves, but I would have no confidence in that stopping the water running into your gloves at all.

    So to summarise, these gloves offer better crash protection than the Nordics with full movement but wearing them under the cuffs of your jacket will prove near immpossible making them a dry & cold weather glove only. But for the money, Dririder storms are easier to get under the jacket cuff, offer better protection for minimum restriction and cost the same money making the storms a much better buy.

    I'd love to see Dririder put a velcro wrist cuff aka storms onto these gloves. They are comfortable, provide full hand movement and would be a good glove with the right sort of cuff.

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    I got the 09 DriRider Apex Gloves a few months ago, although they are well made, fully waterproof, kevlar protected and warm.

    But I have a problem with mobility (no two or three finger shifting or braking) all the fingers have to move together, and i find it bloody hard to get my pinkie finger into the gloves because the padding moves around. Im going to stick with them but i should have tried other types.

    Luckily you can fit the wrist part inside the jacket cuffs so no probs with water getting in


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      perhaps you should have got the dri-rider adventurer pro gloves they have a drawstring and wiper blade and keep the cold out even in minus 0 temps as tested by me on friday morning near balladonia just before sunrise. they had a waterproof report in road rider mag awhile agowhich claimed they were one of the few that were actually waterproof
      FarRider # 159,


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        FWIW, I have had bad experiences with DriRider build quality, across a number of products and will not purchase their equipment again.

        E.g, Glove internals coming adrift, Jacket stiching coming apart, etc.
        Two's company, three's a race!