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failed gpx250 help!

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  • failed gpx250 help!

    after killing a battery before work one day last week, i have put in a new battery and prayed for it to start.. but it failed.. it just cranks over... thinking the spark plugs have fouled.. i took them out and they were o.k., and sparking fine... and i know the carb isnt blocked.. so what do i check next?

    i forgot to add that a week before the battery failed i had to push start it regulary..
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    moar info... Wot do the plugs look like? Wet, burnt etc?

    Fuel getting to the cylinders?
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      plugs are wet/burnt


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        flooded engine? I had a starting problem today and followed some advice on here and tried starting with the throttle on full WOT. Got my bike to start after doing that. Its something about letting air into the cylinders and fuel evaporating, not too sure but it worked^_^