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XFacta 110cc Kids Quad Product Review

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  • XFacta 110cc Kids Quad Product Review

    I bought a pair of Chinese X-Facta ATV110 Quads for my kids in March this year and thought I’d post up a product review.

    These quads run a 110cc Loncin engine, automatic with 5kw and top speed of 62kph, they weigh 80kg and are a good size for my 7 and 9yo. They’ve got a remote kill switch and throttle restrictor to keep the wife happy. The quads had a limited 3 month parts only warranty so it’s very much a case of buyer beware.

    The finish on these quads is typical of Chinese bikes, and the first thing I did with them when I got them home was spend a few hours going through the quads, stripping them down, tightening everything up, securing electrical fittings and fuel lines. You can’t compare the build quality of these quads to mainstream manufacturers. They use very soft metals and alloys so you you’ve got to be gentle to avoid rounding off nuts etc…I’ve got into a routine of going through the quads before and after each ride which seems to be working well as the kids have got around 9 hours out of these quads and the biggest problem that I’ve had (so far) was to replace the batteries. They don’t run oil filters so regular oil changes are essential. It’s also useful if you know enough about bikes to fault find and work through the minor glitches that will pop up from time to time (some related to the build quality and some related to kids being kids and trying to cross streams, etc).

    The speed and power of these quads sound pretty ordinary on paper but they certainly don’t seem to be lacking. The kids carve through some pretty boggy sand and manage to climb some steep hills without any dramas. Luckily my kids leant throttle control and breaking on their PW50’s before going to the quads. The boys love these quads and have given them a fair workout.

    At $1,290 these quads cost about 1/3 of a mainstream quad, but there’s a definite difference in build quality and the Chinese quads don’t have any resale value. I’ve been lucky with the quads so far and the kids really been enjoying them, I’m hoping to get my money’s worth out of them.

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    Nice write up & nice Val too