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Sprocket and chain replacement

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  • Sprocket and chain replacement

    Hey Guy's,
    I'm looking at swapping out the sprockets and chain on my CB900 and was wondering if anyone can help me out with how many chain links I need to look at when buying a chain as some of the bike accessory website sell different chain links, the sprockets are going to be replaced with the standard 16 front 43 rear. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Check the workshop manual if you can. If it's an 01-02, should be 108 links
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      most chains come with 120 links. just install both sprockets, place the rear wheel where you want it and then wrap the new chain around. figure out where you need to cut it and then cut the chain and rivet it together. No need to count links. counting links is a great way to mess it up. Best to physical confirm things