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  • Bike alarm installs

    I received my bike alarm in the post today, courtesy of dubs. He asked me to post up my experience with it, and as I have never met the bloke, this info is not biased at all. $77 saw it shipped to my door. I know that there is already a thread in how-to but it has been closed and I figured that anyone who purchases the alarm/other bike alarms in the future could add their advice/questions into this thread.

    First email was sent to dubs on the 4th and recieved on the 10, that includes the bank transfer waiting time. If I had used paypal it would've come faster, but I wasn't fussed. Received a courtesy text message when the package was shipped, although I still have no idea how he managed to get my phone number, I'm going to have to go with stalker on this one

    As per Hornets experience, the wiring diagram is minimally informative, and I spent a good while scratching my head. It is not a complicated install, but you really need to have worked on bike/car electrics before. This was magnified by the fact that my service manual is for an '88-89 model GPX and the wiring has changed substantially, rendering it pretty much useless. So this install was purely a trial and error job with a multimeter, and I managed just fine.

    The alarm itself is as loud as fuck, works just as described, and although I haven't had a chance to test the range, it seems decent enough at this stage. I have made an attempt at wiring up the remote start, and can turn the engine over but it wont fire. With a bit more testing I'm certain I can figure out which wires need to be added into the circuit, but to be totally honest I'm not too keen on the feature anyways.

    I have also wired up the kill-ignition feature wrong and as such, the ignition does not kill when the alarm is armed. This is purely laziness on my part, I've just figured out exactly which wire I need to cut and add to the circuit, but I really dont care enough to pull it apart again and do it. If the alarm doesn't fuck the thief off then an ignition disarm sure as fuck wont.

    Every other feature works just as described, and if the bike is knocked or the bike is attempted to start, the alarm will go nuts and my beeper thing will let me know.

    Now for some install pics, apologies for the massive phone photos.

    Here's where I mounted the alarm and aerial.

    Here's the location of the main unit. As you can see, I decided that I didn't want to tap into my indicators as the flashing is kinda pointless, and the less electrical modifications, the better. So the yellow wires are just coiled up and tucked away neatly with the unit. There is also a second ground wire that does not need to be connected. Do not ask me why it exists.

    This is where I tapped into the starter motor for the remote start, and the blue wire turns the engine over. Working out which wire to cut was a bit of a pain.

    Here is where the ignition components all wire up. You have a choice of 3 different wires to connect the brown one too, as they all power up when the key is turned. Working out which wire to cut and join to the pink and gray wires was also a pain, but shorting out the white wire with each of the other wires, and attempting to start the engine with the key out tells you which wire is correct. I didn't do this part correctly, but correct enough for all the other features to work. I dont intend on remote starting anyways. All I need to do is cut another one of those wires and join it to the pink and grey circuit to complete that job. There is one wire that also powers up with the key, but only provides 9v of power, so be careful not to use that one.

    I installed the LED globe below the switch for my neons, an 8mm drill bit fits the mounting perfectly.

    So thats that. All up, I'm very happy with it, and for $77, could no ask for anything else. If I had a nice bike, I would get a pro to do the install, as I'm a bit of a messy modder. Beware when trying to solder to copper wires, it is a royal pain!
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    Nice work mate, any one had an alarm installed by a professional? Would like to get an idea of price and where to go.
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      ^^Dubs reccommends k-tec to do the install i think, give them a ring for a price.

      I've just finished wiring up the ignition-kill feature properly, and it does it well. If the alarm is triggered, ignition power is killed. So overall I'd rate this alarm highly and reccommend it to anyone.

      Another thing to mention is that the range is quite good. Provided you are conscious of where you are parking and park close to where you will be shopping/working then you should be able to get range for most of it. I wouldn't want it to have any higher output as then you would have battery drain issues.


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        Hey souter i can do it for u if u want, i have all the gear at my house.


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          nice work polony, i'll definitely be in touch with dubs shortly for one of these.
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            Thanks Polony for the write up, mainly to help other psb'ers.

            My message to you was if you were happy with the postage/packaging then post up, this thread is great.



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              epic photos are epic. (and hairy)
              My guess on your ignition wiring is that you will have one wire that feeds your fuel pump when your key goes to the on position.
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                it is because he hasnt hooked up the ignitioon wire the crank wire is getting power but the ignition wire is not so with out the key in it it wont start so hook up the ignition !~

                Looks good though i was going to get the autowatch one but i might get this one now !
                Keep being awesome ^_^


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                  Originally posted by Rickyj View Post
                  it is because he hasnt hooked up the ignitioon wire the crank wire is getting power but the ignition wire is not so with out the key in it it wont start so hook up the ignition !~

                  Looks good though i was going to get the autowatch one but i might get this one now !
                  I know exactly how to fix it but decided I didn't want the feature anyways

                  I may aswell post up my experiences with this alarm after using it daily for a while.

                  I accidentally sat on one remote and semi-fucked the screen, it is still completely useable but the clock and first signal bar isn't visible anymore.

                  I think the alarm horn has managed to get wet and doesn't work now, although this only happened a couple of days ago so I'm giving it a good chance to dry out and try it again first. I was pretty careful to try and mount it out of the way of rain water but theres not a whole lot i could do, there is plenty of places for water to sneak in during heavy rain. So my reccomendation is to either ensure it wont get wet, or cover it in a zip lock bag or similar.

                  Apart from that it still works and hasn't given me dramas.


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                    let me know if it doesnt work again Polony.