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Build your own Speedo Healer for $50

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  • Build your own Speedo Healer for $50


    I was talking to a guy at Trackdayz and the subject of speedo healers came up. I thought I would update this thread because I think PSB'ers need to know they have other options. I've now used Speedo Healer in the title because that seems to be the accepted name when searching.

    I did a 520 conversion and changed the sprockets to -1/+1. This meant the speedo was reading too high so I bought the Jaycar Speedo Corrector Kit. It works a treat and is easy to construct and install. You pay a fortune for plug and play correctors ... a price I wasn't prepared to pay. It is more satisfying doing you own anyway . The only downside is the circuit board is quite large as it's made for easy soldering.

    Speedo Corrector MkII Kit - Jaycar Electronics

    Once you have soldered the components to the PCB it requires a +12V source that is active with the ignition, a ground and then you intercept the wire from the speed sensor to the speedo.

    On the CBR the wire to intercept from the speed sensor is the Pink/Green which goes to the speedo and the ECM. All you do is cut that wire and bare the ends and splice in the intercept wires. The sensor end goes to the input terminal and the other end (to speedo/ECM) goes to the output terminal. I just soldered on the intercept wires and used heatshrink tubing to insulate.

    The attached photo shows where I mounted the PCB. It just sits under the seat. I used a bit of double sided tape and a dob of silastic to hold it in place. I made up a ground lead that is attached to the battery and the +12V comes from the headlight fuse ... that only becomes active with the igntion on. The two black wires are the intercept wires.

    You need to have the rear on a race stand so you can run the bike in gear for the initial set up.

    The default configuration is setting a speedo that reads faster which is usually the case. You can configure it to go the other way by following the Jaycar instructions.

    This is for a speedo reading too high. Once you have connected the wiring to the PCB:
    set S1 to 2 and S2 to A and instal Link2.
    Start the bike and put it in third gear. After a short while the red LED should start flashing telling you it has found the signal. The speedo will be showing zero at this stage.
    Leave the bike running in gear and set both S1 and S2 to zero and then install Link3. The speedo should now start showing an uncorrected reading.
    With the bike still running in gear now set the correction factor. S2 is for 10's and S1 for single digits.
    For example if you have calculated a requirement to reduce the reading by 5% leave S2 on zero and move S1 to 5. If you calculated 13% move S2 to 1 and S1 to 3. You should see the speedo reading drop as you set the correction factor.

    You can see in the photo I have set 11%.


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    Great write up there!!!
    Increasing my carbon footprint - one 500 @ a time...


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      Hey there.
      Im installing one into my K4 gsxr.

      Ive three wires from my speed sensor. Two of them go to the speedo cluster. One is common to ground.

      The B wire in the service manual is the wire that you test, and it shoots up to 12volts when you stick a multimeter on it and jiggle the speedo sensor.

      So i presume i would intercept this B wire ?

      Check the schematics, any tips would be appreciated!
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        Nice write up... What are you doing about water proofing?


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          good work. interested in the gixxer question..


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            Yaeh B wire.
            but its not reliable.
            LOTS of bugs
            -Mega delay sometimes. Even with switch to 9 when input A (startup seq)
            -Doesnt like erratic throttle. Ive read up to 250kph in first gear

            Gixxers have the three wire speedo, id just go extr $80 get the healtech, unless your prepared to put hours tuning this thing.

            at least i tried
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