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R1 Small problems

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  • R1 Small problems

    Ok I have some small issues needing attention and was wondering if people have experience with any of them?

    1.Speedo displays 0 - I think there is a coupler under the tank that controls this?

    2.Dash resets, if I turn the bike off and leave it for awhile the dash resets (eg shift light position and trip meter) The only thing I've seen is that there is a backup fuse that has something to do with holding this information when the bikes shutoff.

    3.Rear lights shorting, the number plate light and just recently when I touched a new globe on the connectors, a spark happened and instantly blew the tail light What is a short caused by?

    4.Clutch slipping when trying to wheelie, It only happens randomly but when the clutch engages after some hard throttle the revs slip up high and sorta 'bounce', I had a look at the clutch at the engine side and noticed that the return spring is broken and doesn't fully push the lever back, could it be this or is it more likely the plates slipping Ie. the springs in the clutch should be sufficient to engage the clutch fully by themselves?

    Thanks for your time haha

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    what year is the r1 i have a similar problem with my clutch but only when i take off, makes a funny noise 2


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      what year dude?
      1. yeah there should be a largish white plug under the dash, make sure that's connected.
      2. no idea
      3. follow the wires back, make sure none of the wires are exposed. that would be my first bet.
      4. if it's slipping when applying the power then it could be as simple as adjusting your lever. but if a return spring is broken i'd fix that first.
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        Also check your headlight harness as by factory default sits a sharp metal edge in the "bottom" of the fairing stay held on by a cable tie
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