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Hyosung Service?

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  • Hyosung Service?

    It's time for my gt250r service.

    I want to check spark plugs and air cleaner and so forth so i need to be able to reach them.

    Will i need to remove the front body panels and fuel tank?

    Can someone give me a quik run down?

    I did use search but couldn't find anything so if theres a thread for this already please link me to it.


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    From what i can see... to access them yea u need to take of all front fairings and the fuel tank aswell...


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      Yea take the fuel tank off to get the top view. On my ZZR i only need to take the fuel tank off but on the GT... Probably the top fairing to get access to the front cylinder.


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        Alright, it's very simple. Incase anyone else wants to do it themselves.

        Here is how you get to the spark plugs and air intake box.

        1. Take off your rear seat which will give you access to take off the front seat.

        2. After taking off the front seat you will see a bolt attached to the fuel tank, remove that bolt. It is the old bolt you will need to remove for the fuel tank.

        3. Lift the back of the fuel tank (were you just removed the bolt) and pull the fuel tank back wards and the fuel tank is free.

        4. Then you can easily empty the fuel and disconnect the hoses and there is also a wire that you must disconnect don't pull leave it on. Remember which hose does were.

        Now you have access to the air intake box. Take the air lifter out by unscrewing the 4 screws and clean as instructed on the manual.

        You will also have access to one spark plugs by now aswell. To get access to the second spark plug:

        1. Remove only one side of the bikes fairings by simply taking off the screws attached.

        2. Remove the oil coolant by the two bolts (the horn will come off aswell).

        3. Now you have access to the other spark plug.

        Follow your service manual on how to clean or change the spark plugs.

        Then put it all back together just like you took it off.
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          Hmm how many K's you done, I done 24000kms and still havent checked plugs, but do all the other shite regularly


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            Originally posted by smalls View Post
            Hmm how many K's you done, I done 24000kms and still havent checked plugs, but do all the other shite regularly
            My bike has done 13k

            It says to do a major service in the manual at every 10000. So i just got it and realised it hadn't had it done so i did it myself.

            My spark plugs looked pretty much brand new though. I think it's time you did yours aswell. If you haven't had a major i'd suggest you get it done