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tyre warmer repair...where??

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  • tyre warmer repair...where??

    my brothers rear tyre warmer got a bit hot and melted some insulation and fabric. ive seen/heard of repairs on these before, just wondering if any body knows were to get this done?
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    Speak to Josh he might be able to help you...(ApatheticEnd)
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      common problem - wasn't a Kaneg digital was it? Josh has repaired a couple but depends on the amount of damage and where. If the fabric is gone i would suggest it may be cactus but Josh is the expert - it isnt under warranty is?

      Been looking at some of them and there is a case to be made that some burn out (get too hot) under the mudguard - but not always.
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        sumo moto...same design as kaneg, if im not mistaken. not aware of any warranty, it came with the bike so hard to know. will get in touch with AE
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          i got sold a dud p.o.s from bcomponents that completley burnt out the coils and he wouldnt reply to my emails so gave it to a local electrician he mended it for $30 and my mum patched it! not sure if thats a similiar problem to urs but quite often a specialist will charge "specialist" prices.


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            I'll have a go. It'll take 5 mins to decide if it's stuffed or fixable.
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