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  • Chicken strips

    I got a 2nd hand front tyre a while ago, BT91 i think, so its pretty grippy but i noticed that the profile i had on the tyre before was a 55 and this one is a 50.

    I've gone from a 140 bt45 to a 150 pilot road 2 on the back and love that

    I've also noticed that the chicken strip on the front tyre is less than the back tyre. I've got about 5-10mm on the back but probably a max of about 6mm on the front.

    With the front profile being less than it was before mean that i'm going to run out of front grip before back?

    I'm due for another front in a while anyway so should i just not push it to hard and not try to get rid of all the chicken strips before i get a new front?

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    Getting to the edge on the front for the sake of chicken strips is just asking for a lowside.
    If you have'nt needed to do it so far then why do you need to do it now?

    How far you can go before the front tyre gives up also depends on the shape of the tyre, not just its profile.
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      yeah thats what i mean, if i get a new tyre then i'll be able to lean further without having to worry about running out of tyre on the front.