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Tyre Pressures on BT015R

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  • Tyre Pressures on BT015R

    I'm running Bridgestone BT015R's on the Gixxer - 120/70 (F) & 190/55 (R).

    Normally I run tyres 1-2 psi down both F & R during the cooler months. So I've been running the Bridgees at 35psi (F) & 37psi (R) with a softer suspension setting. They still feel a bit loose into bends though, once up to temp.

    Just curious as to what pressures you guys run them (or another tyre with similiar profile) during the cooler months?

    ps - we're talking street, not track use.

    [Apologies if this shoulda beena 'General Bike Talk' thread]
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    I would start at 36psi rear and 38psi front, cold.
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      Have the same tyres on the same bike: 32/32 cold is what I use... though really I don't think it makes too much difference, just trial and error with the pressure until you find something you like the feel of.