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  • tick tock problems

    Been trying to get the indicators on the project bike to work. I can get them to come on but not flash, swapped flasher unit with a known good one from same model bike, still no flash, tried both flasher units in other bike, both worked. ok so its not the flasher unit. Bike has at some stage had the big origional indicators removed and replaced with some dinky little carbon fibre look ones, just for jokes i took an origional indicator off the donor bike and wired it in with the existing ones, now the bugger flashes away happily. How does a flasher unit work? do they rely on a specific current draw to flash? Do i need a different flasher unit that needs less current draw to operate these little tick tocks i have?
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    yes , flasher units need a certain load . your mini indys are probably led . the guys at m/c electrics , ossy park let me try a few from their collection till found one that suits . 92422388 .


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      Cheers. they are not LED's, had a globe out, might have to load the old girl up and take it to Mc electrics and try a few flasher units out.


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        What value globe do they use? Measure the resistance of each & see if they're significantly diff. If they are add a resistor in series to the small ones to bring their value/load up to match the orig.
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          That sounds a bit technical smeggy
          origional big globes are 23w, fancy little ones are also 23w, would have thought all would be ok.
          Just went to an auto sparky, got another flasher unit and now no worries
          Oh well, all fixed