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  • Draggin Zip-Offs

    Okay, so have looked around (causeway bikeshops) and none of them had the draggin zip-offs in stock...

    as summer is upon us and im all big on wearing gear whilst riding does any1 have any experience with these pants and or know where in perth i could possibly try some on before i buy... i really would like to see the quality and try them on for fit before i spend a few hudred buks on them??

    so can any1 help me out??

    or know of another alternative to summer time and riding??

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    i've got a pair...never zipped them off though...they make you look like a private school boy if you do

    i got mine from motorcycle pitstop in north perth. They have a bit of a range there so might pay to check them out.


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      arh sweet thanks andy


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        could try motorcycle pitstop at north perth? They seem to have a lot of gear...
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          ^^^ vbroom already stated that but yea thx


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            hehe obviously i didnt read too well did i
            I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it!


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              ok went to motorcycle pit stop and yea tried em on... unzipped them and ur right andy... they were about an inch above my knees... i am 6''4' so yea they are ruled out now thanks for the quick response tho andy helped out


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                Glad to help andy
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                  I have got a pair of ICON mesh overpants sitting in the post office waiting for pickup when I get around to it. The plan is to just wear them over boardies in the summer and when I'm not riding I can chuck them in my backpack.

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