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VTR250 Front Brake Replacement

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  • VTR250 Front Brake Replacement

    Hey Dudes,

    K, one of my brake pads on my VTR250 at the front is lose and clicking when i go over bumps at low speed, and i have looked at my workshop manual for my baby and changing the pads seem easy enough. three questions:

    1) changing the pads my self is pretty easy yeah?
    2) do i need any "special tools" (I have the quite a bit i can use from the fathers shed)
    3) what brake pads am i looking at brand wise as a good choice?

    Cheers in advance

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    1) Yeah
    2) Nup, I'm not entirely sure of the caliper design on the VTR250s, but you will probably get away with just a single allen key, and a pair of pliers.
    3) I personally like EBC HH pads ("EBC" is the brand, "HH" is the type of pad material). Go to your local bike store and tell them what bike you ride, and the parts guy should be able to suggest something suitable.

    If you get stuck, take some pictures and ask, we should be able to walk you through it quite easily.

    This is a really good guide.

    edit: Just re-read the first part of your post. Replacing the brake pad won't necessarily get rid of that noise. The movement in the direction that causes the noise isn't the direction the pads wear, if ya get what I mean.


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      15 minutes easy job
      No special tools needed, I like to spray brake cleaner on the pistons and shine em up a little, maybe a thread somewhere on it, and Read your manual.
      No special tools required

      Standard compound EBC replacement pads.


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        still worried about this? ^_^

        to answer your q's though:

        1. yes, pretty much.
        2. allen key and a flat blade screwdriver from memory.
        3. oem are good enough. you can get ebc hh pads if you have had issues with brake fade (you shouldn't really on the street) but they take a bit of warming before they bite properly, unlike oem.

        tip: go over the calipers with some brake cleaner before you push the pistons back in. if you push dirt into/past the seals you'll run into trouble later.