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Replacing exhaust pipes on old bike

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  • Replacing exhaust pipes on old bike

    I've got an old Z500 that has a hole in the exhaust collector, and the pipes are starting to get a bit on the thin side to weld a repair so it looks like I'll need to get the current exhaust duplicated or a replacement made up by someone.

    Don't need a muffler to be welded on as I'll hopefully get one that doesn't drown out the wind noise and clamp that on the end.

    Can anyone recommend a place that will either duplicate or make a new system at a reasonable price?

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    Try Neil at Pro Flow.
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    Thanks to and ProFlow for assistance.
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      Paul @ Howler does custom work and its top notch.
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        Thanks guys, at $300+ for a rusted set from the wreckers, I reckon a nice shiny new set might be the go if the price isn't ridiculous. And I can fix the muffler to something a little more modest.