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04 vtr250... $360 for a cam chain tensioner?

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  • 04 vtr250... $360 for a cam chain tensioner?

    Hey everyone

    Getting bits and pieces together for an upcoming service day, went to the local today to order in some parts

    A single cam chain tensioner apparently costs $360... is this a joke?

    I had one of the mechs listen to the bike and asked for a ballpark, he said it could be anywhere from $80-150 but he wasn't really familiar with prices.

    80-150 I could swallow but 360... am I being taken for a ride or does this one part cost nearly 10% of the bikes total value :x

    Haven't ordered the parts yet

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    Sounds like BS, but cars/motorbikes/anything with an engine usually have parts which cost a fair bit......Still, $360? Whats it made from, solid, 24 carat gold?
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      Ring a second Honda dealer and ask them for a quote.
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        On the phone as I type this

        Edit: $368


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          Fuck that, my CCT and gasket kit was $68.
          Tell them to shove it and get one off ebay
          Originally posted by Desmo
          Why be a cunt about it?


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            I can't seem to find it on ebay, I never use it so I may be stuffing it up

            $68 sounds much more reasonable though


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              cam chains usually aren't all that easy to get at, hence why they're quoting you so high. google how to do it, and decide if you're mechanically apt enough to do it yourself.

              if not, sorry buddy, it's the price of having high strung machinery.


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                $360 fitted?


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                  These prices are simply for the parts

                  $360 per cam chain tensioner
                  $165 per cam chain

                  No labour, as I had planned to do them myself


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                    Have you tried adjusting your current tensioner?


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                      Fuck me, really? That's not installed? :o

                      Call Derek Ball, ask him what the job is worth.


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                        Ouch, 2 x 360 + 2 x 165.


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                          How many KM on this bike??

                          Darn expensive!!!


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                            Originally posted by Desmogod View Post
                            Have you tried adjusting your current tensioner?
                            Didn't know you could. Long story short after a major service it was noted on invoice that cam chain was wearing and becoming noisy. The noise is annoying the fuck out of me so I want to stop it.

                            Can adjusting the current one help with this?

                            Originally posted by lee View Post
                            Fuck me, really? That's not installed? :o

                            Call Derek Ball, ask him what the job is worth.
                            I'm in Sydney

                            Edit for above: 37,500km and change


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                              Looks like that price will be the complete tensioner.
                              Have a look at this parts breakdown. You may only need the slider which is much cheaper.
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