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Need help, choke related

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  • Need help, choke related

    Up till this morning the bike has started perfectly each and every time.

    This morning before I went out I applied choke like always, started the bike and it backfired and died, tried again and it just died.. and died.. and died.. like no choke at all.

    Got it going ok by holding the acel down and reving till it warmed up, then it runs fine.

    I followed the choke cable as much as possible and couldnt see anything wrong, looking through the side I can see the little choke lever going in and out fine also..

    When warm and running fine, putting the choke on a bit makes the engine die instead of reving it up like usual as well.

    Any ideas ? as I have none just want to check if its an easy fix before I have to put it in somewhere.

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