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Carb clean - replace knock pins/cotter pins/orings?

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  • Carb clean - replace knock pins/cotter pins/orings?

    Do you replace these items when cleaning carbs?

    If so, do you have to? (I am le poor)

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    No you don't have to, but I'd say it's worth the money - they're not exactly expensive, surely?
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      I'll be asking the local tomorrow if they have them in stock etc but if they don't I just wna know so I don't pull off the carbs and then not have a running bike (:


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        O rings are usually ok unless pinched or deteriorated, fuel orings usually expand a bit when dried out so if it doesn't fit where it came out of dip it in fuel. Knock pins I'm assuming the R style clips are designed to be reused and similar to Orings, split pins (cotter pins) are usually single use only but in a pinch can be reused. Normally a carb kit will come with all the bits that usually need replacing gaskets seats etc etc.
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