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Starlane Quickshifter ??

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  • Starlane Quickshifter ??

    Just about to cough up for one of these -
    STARLANE - Power shift NRG - Kit cambio elettronico

    and was wondering if anyone has any eperience with them ? Will be putting it on my zx10r ,though it isn't bike specific . I can get one fairly cheap and haven't looked at others - already have starlane gps laptimer and like their product , but who knows , maybe someone has heard something about these that I should know ?

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    It's on it's way even though there isn't any unvested information out there that I can find. Seems straight forward to set up but will let eveyone know more once I have it hooked up . Philip island track day coming up should be a good test.


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      Be curious to see how good it works out.


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        I actually bought the zx10r off a starlane importer hence the gps laptimer , engear , and now this. Got a good discount though normally $770. He advertises in . And by the way - did you get the rearsets yet ?


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          Oh, be good to result how it works out.

          Yep, thanks for the rearsets!!

          Get to see them at Xmas time!!


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            Ha ha I had half an eye on a Starlane quickshifter on ebay, which looked to be from the importer. I want one for this:

            [ame=]YouTube - Ducati 999 explosion![/ame]
            Click here to see my Ducati 999R in the PSB garage... You'll love it!

            Don't click here to see my ZX9R aka The Ginger Ninja... there's no link!