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Radiator Hose removal tricks

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  • Radiator Hose removal tricks

    Hey all

    After sunday my bike is pretty beat up, including the radiator which is leaking and needs to be removed for repair.

    No problem, but the hoses are stuck like all buggery. I've tried sliding a screwdriver in around the circumferance to break the seal, but this is not possible on the hoses that connect directly to the radiator as i can't get the screwdriver in parallel with the pipe.

    Anyone got some spiffy tricks for this? Don't want to cut the hoses off.

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    Pull like fuck
    Maybe get the kettle/heatgun/hairdryer out and heat them up so they're a bit softer?
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      twist them off
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        Twist them and push them in the direction you would to put them on at the same time, usually breaks the seal then twist and pull. Use some multi grips gently if you have to to twist them.


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          Lever one edge up as much as you can and get someone else to pull. Also, take the rad cap off!
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            Twist and pull if this doesn't work you can buy a radiator hose remover or make one out of spring steel bent at 90' the tang needs to be about 25mm long. Insert under the hose and run it round the outlet 360' it will then come off easy.



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              i use multigrips too.. find the edge of the metal socket, move down the hose a couple of cms and gently squash the hose- should create enough tension to break the seal without crushing the ally radiator socket, radiator fluid starts pissing out everywhere lubricating things give it a twist and off it comes.
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                Thanks dudes, giving this another go tonight as I've got a free arvo tomorrow to get stuff ordered, and gonna take the radiator off to be repaired at the same time.

                Josh, radiator cap self removed haha, not an issue.. the impact was big enough to somehow knock the radiator cap off so it was hanging by the lockwire. Not how that's physically possible unless the radiator bent, in which case it's probably FUBAR.