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I'm meant to be a mechanic but I can't fix my chics bike!!

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  • I'm meant to be a mechanic but I can't fix my chics bike!!

    My girlfriend dropped her recently bought '93 kawa ZXR750 from standing while it was running. She was standing beside it holding it at the time (go figure). There was no physical damage although engine oil went everywhere. So being the hero in return for certain favours I said no worries I'll fix it! so I've degreased the whole thing, did an oil change and checked for leaks and there are none. It all looks sweet but it has some weird symtoms.

    1. Its stuck in nuetral but not all the time. Yesterday I was able to select first (with the engine off) and back to nuertal where it is stuck now.
    2. It wont start, even with the kickstand up, in nuetral, clutch in. The starter motor doesn't even roll I just get a click. Battery is showing good charge fuses are all good. Thinking its an electrical failsafe, like a tripped tilt switch but I don't think this bike has one. The wiring seems fine. I'm out of ideas...anyone?

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    Could have damaged the tilt switch, neutral switch or sidestand switch.

    As far as being stuck in neutral goes, is there any chance it's just "one of those things" where you have to roll the bike forward or back a little bit for the dogs to line up alright?

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      1. Changing gear requires the bike or engine to be involved a little bit. Try moving it forward (like 10 centimetres) while keeping the gear lever preloaded.

      2. Check the kill switch, petrol cock and choke maybe? (On the right hand side there is a switch, normally red, near the ignition switch. That's your kill switch. The petrol cock is normally near the fuel tank with ON, OFF and RES positions.)

      That said, a bike leaking out all its oil because it was dropped doesn't sound right to me. And I should know, having dropped a few. :p


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        Yeah kill switch is on, if its not it doesn't make the click, fuel is on, it leaked out maybe only 100ml of oil but I don't like mixing oils so I did a full swap. The oil definately wasn't from a rupture I was thinking out a breather of some sort (i normally work on aircraft so not too familiar with bikes) Did the whole roll thing yesterday got nothing I'll have to try with the gear lever preloaded though.


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          will this girl give said favours to whoever fixes it?

          only kidding, which way did the bike fall. I am guessing the left side, Check the gear selector and shift rod for bends or binding. it may need straightening.
          It will only start in neutral unless you have the clutch in and some bikes even in neutral you need the clutch in.
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            It fell to the right actually and really slowly and I'd put on crash pads to protect the fairings for when she did drop it so there was no impact at all nothing is beant or broken even the break lever is fine bearly a scratch on it. and it's definately in neutral as i've been rolling it into the workshop and back


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              Is it possible to have smoke without a fire?

              Where did the oil come from is there isn't a leak? Did oil get onto the sparks?
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                I was wondering where the oil came from myself as I said I suspected a breather vent or the like but didn't want to tip it over again the find out. I thought I'd find something when I refilled it be not a single leak? doesn't make much sense to me but I know funny things happen when bikes fall.


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                  If its clicking it sounds like the starter motor is getting enough current to move the solenoid in & out, but not enough to turn the motor.

                  If its been sitting for a lone time could be battery not able to do the job.

                  Otherwise maybe loosened a connector to the battery and it cant get enough current.

                  Have you tried push starting?

                  Also I'd be worried about the oil. A bike shouldn't leak oil just because its on its side. You sure one of the covers isn't cracked?
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                    cheers I thought I'd done most of these checks but I'll go over it agian cause It's just not sensible is it? Maybe I should lay it down again and find the source? which would also lead me to possible causes


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                      Arwon - Borza is in qld



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                        battery could have "dropped" a plate ; check for 12+ V
                        put bike in Neutral put sidestand in and pull in the clutch should start it.
                        If not then consult the wiring diagram, after battery test, to see what relay's fuses are in the way from letting current to the solenoid/fuelpump.
                        Check these one by one for operation and it should become clear where the bottleneck is.
                        Also look at the handle bar accelerator cluster if there is a neutral back to the frame/battery as it must have had a whack on that side falling over.
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                          Also bike gearboxes are different to cars . They have locator dogs which lock the gears in. If you want to move it through the gears rock the bike back and forward to allign the gears. It will change easy then.
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                            +1 where did the oil come from

                            Make sure the airbox isn't full off oil- if the first timeit fires a cylinder sucks 190mL of oil it could hydraulic lock a piston and break stuff
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                              Also tilt switches can stick even on new bikes- easy to test with multimeter shake hell out of them if there is a problem
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                              Originally posted by Bendito
                              If we get to a stop and we are missing a dozen bikes and you are last, it was your fault. Don't be that guy. No one likes that guy.